Current Election

What kind of people are running for Republican nominations

The poles show that Donald Trump leads all candidates,why is this?

Right now us the U.S. States people are scared ,nothing like the things that are happening have never happened before.Donald Trump shows the people that he has the strength to destroy and stop these catastrophe from happening,but can he really stop Mexicans from entering our country ,put up a wall at Mexico’s cost.Can he stop all Muslims from coming into this country,or stop refuges from coming.

These things are myths,he can’t get the money from Mexico,they already owe us millions so if we settled on just the wall that would be great for them.Stop Muslims form coming to this country,that would create the biggest revolt against the country we ever had.Donald Trump talks like this because this gets his pole numbers up,but when the poles have a really in February,March and forward then we will see changes,because The Republican party will not support this.

Donald Trump has signed off that he will not run as and independent,wait and see when he is close to not getting the nomination,how things will change. This is why I’m sending out this message I realize that times are changing,but we are a Democracy and Donald Trump is a Bully a dictator,that’s not the way to fix the country we have to start by being strong with our neighbors Mexico and get there government in order,and get them on our side.We must all unite and the world and stop ISIS’S by having all countries involved and we must not be afraid to send in our troops,I’m sure that the military is willing and ready to protect the world and with our guidance and leadership the strength of the next Republican president we can overcome these issues.

There are so many things to talk about ,but this is a pretty good place to start.



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